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Marriage in times of covid 

Weddings at the time of Covid-19



Weddings and Covid certainly don't get along.

Frightened spouses, fear that the marriage will skip, fear of losing the advance payments. What to do? 

The pandemic is a cause of force majeure

Contracts usually have a clause that provides for their termination due to "force majeure". But what is meant by force majeure?

From link wikipedia:

When a cause of force majeure arises and one of the two parties is unable to carry out the execution of the contract but has no responsibility whatsoever, because the event that made it impossible is extraordinary and unpredictable.

They can be causes that concern only one of the two parts, or causes that concern both, such as earthquakes, floods, natural disasters, epidemics.

Canceling the Marriage for Coronavirus

We start from an assumption. When the emergency of the pandemic is averted, marriages can be made.

So I don't like talking about cancellation. I prefer to talk about the postponement of the chosen date. Because in fact, this is the greatest risk we can face.

Weddings postponed, not canceled!

Marriages falling within the suspension period decided by the Government are not canceled. They will be postponed.

The desire to get married will not go away! On the contrary! It will increase even more and, once the emergency has passed, once this terrible Covid-19 has been beaten, you will be delighted to be able to hug all your guests and celebrate even more!

Vendors don't want to cancel weddings!

The first fear of many spouses who are writing to me in these hours is: "Since the contract includes force majeure, do I lose the deposit?"

This question starts from a very wrong assumption, that is, that the suppliers want to terminate the contract. That they want to cancel it.

But, you know what? Vendors are terrified of the bride and groom wanting to cancel the wedding. For them it would be a huge economic loss. Why would they want it?

Their interest is exactly yours: to reorganize you to move the marriage after the end of the Coronavirus emergency.


What happens when the wedding moves and I have already distributed the invitations?

The first concern that "my" spouses exposed me, for the fear that the stop period will be extended and their marriage will be one of those suspended, was:

To the classic question "How do I do if I have sent the shares?" or even "They are ready and I was about to deliver them, but I don't know what will happen"

Go ahead, proceed with confidence, but make sure with all suppliers that if you move there will be no contract or penalty issues.

On the other hand, if the wedding date is already among those blocked and you have already delivered the invitations, update your guests, the most convenient channels today are WhatsApp, Telegram, E-mail or any other digital means that you can think of.

It is essential to be quick in communications. It might be a great idea to create a small site for your wedding (many free sites offer it) and thus keep your guests constantly updated.

If this were the case you can send a message explaining the wedding will be postponed to a later date, which in any case will be done!

If you still want to stay on your positive line and bring the wedding of your dreams to fruition, try to create communications with graphics related to the invitations you have previously sent. Style and elegance will not be sacrificed.

In any case, I would like to keep my suppliers

If you have to change the date, this will be the most difficult challenge, in any case the positive note that we must keep in mind is that the suppliers definitely do not want to cancel the contracts but to move them, and therefore everything will be fine! It will only take a slight redesign of the whole, but the details and your choices can remain the same.

If you want to reconfirm them on the new date, the biggest difficulty will be finding the day when everyone can be free.

However, I am convinced that when they give the green light, we will jump for joy and it will not matter much if our wedding will be on a Tuesday or over the weekend.

So, let's stay confident!

We always go ahead with the organization of the wedding. Let's take this deadlock to think about the details, let's not get discouraged and above all let's not stop dreaming!

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