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As you can imagine, the choice of music and artists who will accompany you to the promise of marriage is really important, we happened to have to find the ideal solution a week before, we did it, but it doesn't seem like the way to get to a moment. so important and memorable of your life.

In practice, there are two main routes you can take to get the most out of these moments:

Training of instrumentalists

In this case the ceremony will enjoy, with the passage of the songs, an atmosphere for every moment and the music will play the role of queen and will kidnap all those present.
You can choose between various formations such as: Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet, whether they are strings, brass, or mixed formations with organ and harp or transverse flute.

Voices and words

It is the "par excellence" ceremony. We always recommend a vocal component accompanied by an instrument or instrumental formation.
The words! It is precisely the words of the chosen pieces that will give the true meaning to the whole ceremony, and all the moments will magically take on real life. Musically speaking, everything will take on a more vivid color, the songs sung are also to be considered spoken, and everyone will be able to follow on the book of the ceremony and participate with the mind and heart by hearing, appreciating every word ..

Some of the options, instrumentalists and voices:

* Organ 
* Organ and soprano or tenor
* Mixed vocal quartet (choir) with organ and violin

* Organ, violin, tenor or soprano
* Organ, Viola and Violin
* Organ and violin
* Organ and viola
* Organ and cello
* Harp, violin, soprano
* Harp, organ, soprano
* Harp, organ, tenor
* Harp, violin
* Cello and violin
* Cello, violin, viola
* Cello and 2 violins

* Mixed orchestra from 7 to 30 people


/ * \ The oboe can be added to all formations

4 promise quartet coro matrimonio verona
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