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SIAE rates, how much it costs  the music of your wedding?


The music you will choose for  your most beautiful day has a basic cost, i  SIAE rights. How does the procedure work? How can I pay this institution?

Here are the updated rates and everything you need to know!

SIAE: what it is and what it does

In Italy, the current legislation governing and protecting copyright has established the existence of a special Italian society of authors and publishers; a public body that protects and guarantees its members  the  recognition of the remuneration for works protected by copyright, promoting and supervising, at the same time, the dissemination of culture, art and intellectual work.

The SIAE and our wedding

In the eyes of the SIAE, marriage is nothing more than a party of a private nature, organized by individuals and intended for individuals, in a place other than one's own home. And so  indispensable  obtain permission to play music.
In this case, the spouses are the real organizers of the party, it is up to them (and not to the artists like DeeJay, or musicians or less than  wedding planner or the reception room) who must pay the tax.

Let's talk about the rates currently in force

​ Official link SIAE rates -

  • up to a maximum of 200 guests, the SIAE rate is € 199.00 + VAT

  • for a party with over 200 guests, the SIAE rate is € 299.00 + VAT

  • In  if you choose to hire only a Deejay and therefore for the reproduction of recorded music, in addition to the remuneration for the Copyright, it is necessary  add the related rights due to performers, interpreters or phonographic producers. Also in this case, according to the rates in force:

  • Up to a maximum of 200 guests, the fee for the related rights is € 79.00 + VAT

  • For a party with over 200 guests, the rate for the related rights is € 119.00 + VAT

How to proceed with the documentation and payment

You can follow the online procedure from here 


  • Find  the SIAE office of competence inherent in the municipality of the restaurant you have chosen, or ask the restaurant directly to prepare the file.

  • Call to find out the office opening hours to the public and what you will need to open the case;

  • Go to the office, provide useful information (date, place, type of music and number of guests) and collect the music program on which you will pay a deposit;

  • Deliver the music program to the Deejay  o to the band or musicians chosen in which the songs played during the reception will be noted; 

  • Go to the SIAE office to pay the amount due, deliver the completed program and collect the deposit.


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